Live Chat for Sales

Live Chat Improves Sales

Capture More Leads, Close More Deals

Live chat for sales

Before discovery Live Chat For Sales... Let see!

As you are here, potential customers are finding and visiting to your website, looking to buy something from you. They was confused, need an support immediately, but they do not have anything, they will abandon your site before buying anything.

In that case, if you have a chat, you will close a deal. Think about it!

Why Live Chat Improves Sales

Customers spend more money after you chat with them

Firstly, It enhances your
website and brand

As your ever present salesperson on every page of your website, the live chat make visitors's trust and confident that your company is a quality brand and have a good service. It keeps them continue to discovery more on your website.

Add a human touch

In a physical store, salesperson is a direct consultant to help customer easily purchase. On your shop online, Live chat lets salespeople to support visitor and build customer loyalty by doing what they do best.

Capture leads

Live Chat help you to send your welcome messages automately to greet your customers, attract and collect the customer's information to easily contact and follow. Interact 95% visitors.

Make your
customer happy

Live chat help you to indentify your visitors and auto-assign to the Agent, quickly and professionally support. That make your customer happy to easily convert and build beautiful relationship.

Rescue abandoned
shopping carts

Have a live chat, you can send targeted messages to customers stuck on the checkout page to help complete their purchase. Customers are three times more likely to make a purchase when you reach out with a chat, even had 48% larger order sizes.

Manage customers
like a CRM

Classify and segment customers. Statistics of customer interaction and common customer issues, building customer specific portraits to build customer care campaigns effectively.
Have a Livechat to Get More Leads, Close More Deals
Live chat can increase your website conversion rate by 29%.

* No credit card required. Quick installation.

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