Team Management

Group capabilities to divide and conquer. Master the live chat experience with specialized groups handling department-specific tickets quickly and efficiently. Transfer chats between groups quickly to respond to any customer support needs.

Grouping by departments

With clearly defined departments, your customers will know exactly where they need to go to get the right representative the first time. Setting up departments is easy, and directing visitors to the right department can be done quickly through the pre-chat form.

Agents management

With Subiz, you can monitor each agent individually or on a team basis. You have the power to modify the number of agents, and their roles, so that your support team lines up perfectly with your business needs.

Department report

Filter through each department’s statistics, ratings, and chat histories using Subiz reports. Evaluate work performance and optimize your departments to maximize their customer service value.

Agent account based on roles

Two different tiers of account means easy delegation of access and permissions. The Admin agents automatically have access to the complete visitor chat histories and reports, and can change the permissions of normal agents. Normal agents have access to their own chats and canned responses, with the option for increased access at the discretion of an admin.

Agent performance report

Quick access to Subiz chat reports lets you check in on your team of agents. Information like missed chats, customer satisfaction, and agent availability are all available through Subiz performance reports. You never have to worry about how your team of agents is performing with these clear performance reports.

Other Features

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