Reports and Analytics

Know your future and current customers by reviewing chat tickets and uncovering the most common customer issues. Provide the solution before your leads can even ask. Uncover common problems and remove them from the customer experience.

Chat Statistics Report

How many sales are you missing? Don’t let any more customers slip through your fingers. The availability report shows you which chat requests your agents were able to respond to, and which chats they couldn’t field in time. Missed chats are missed conversions. Use this information to tweak and optimize your agents based on the trends.

Chat Rating

Hear feedback straight from your visitors. Subiz encourages visitors to rate their chat experience. This will let you fine-tune the experience and tweak your system until you have it running just right.

Availability Report

Keep track of the availability of your online agents. Increased efficiency means more visitors engaged, and that volume increase means more happy customers. What are you waiting for?

Tag Report

This report lets you keep track of how many tags your agents generate in a specified window of time. See which tags occur most frequently during these windows and use it to tailor your canned responses, or to schedule agents in the necessary departments.

Other Features

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