Chat in real-time

Don’t let potential customers fumble around on your site. Use Subiz to engage these leads as soon as they arrive. Surprise and impress them with instant and effective customer support.

Canned Responses

TThese custom, pre-made responses let you reply to popular customer questions and concerns with a few simple keystrokes. With quick access to information like sales, discounts, and pricing, your customers are helped quickly and your agents are free to help even more visitors.

Visitor Information

Stop guessing about the visitors on your site. Actually see who they are! Let Subiz get to know your visitors through information like their name, contact info, geographic location, and even where they’re looking on your site. Figure out if they’re a new or return customer and anticipate their needs based on their activity on your site.

Chat Tags

Tag and label your chats so you can pull up specific chat groupings based on different characteristics. Group similar conversations together and track the variance in agent approach and customer response. Stop losing customers to the same problems with this data-tracking feature.

File Sharing

Convey 1000 words with the use of a single picture with the Subiz File share feature. With the click of a button, visitors and agents can communicate through attached documents. No need to leave the Subiz dashboard or struggle with links and email to get your customers what they need.

Chat Commands

A number of built-in chat commands make interactions and transfers easier than ever. These commands let you save the customer’s name, number, and email for future contact. It also lets you quickly and seamlessly transfer a visitor to an available agent or a department-specific agent.

Chat History

You will never be caught off guard again with access to the complete chat history of your visitors. Always make a return visitor feel welcome and build great rapport by staying up-to-date on your previous interactions with them.


Desktop alerts mean your agents never miss a beat when switching between customers on Subiz. Set visitor actions to trigger cues so your agents know a customer has come to the site, or responded in chat.

Chat Transfer

Quickly send your chats to the qualified expert on your team. Whether the customer has a difficult question for a specific agent or more than one department is involved in assisting a customer, the chat transfer function makes it painless on both ends of the transaction.

Chat Transcripts

Stop guessing about your visitors! Subiz saves every chat to your history; Discover trends, see customer history, or check agent performance.

Visitor Banning

Remove the pests! If a visitor is spamming the chat, your agents have the ability to ban this visitor from using the Subiz chat feature.

Other Features

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