Visitor Tracking

Answer their questions before your customers even know they have them with on-site customer behavior data. Subiz provides the data you need to unlock customer patterns and remove the barriers to greater conversions.

Gather Visitor Data

With Subiz, all the information about your visitors you could ever want is right at your fingertips. Time on site, location, pages viewed, chat history, referral page, any information you could ever want to identify what makes your customers tick and tap into their motivations, Subiz collects and stores for you.

Lookup information through intuitive filter

Don’t waste time scouring your archives! Find a specific chat quickly to help your agents, or review chat tickets from your two busiest weeks to see how everything held up. Spend less time searching for specific chats and more time converting visitors into fans. Use criteria like agent, department, rating, visitor type, or timeframe to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Review and Modify Visitor Information

Stay in touch with your visitors by keeping their information up-to-date.

Add notes for data clarity

Use notes to fill out the customer’s profile and offer a well-tailored experience.

Add labels for data trends

Use labels to help agents recognize customers based on specific conditions. Check out the label report at the end of the month to see what is trending on your website.

Other Features

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You’ll get to test-drive all the advanced features and watch real-time as customer satisfaction rises!

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