Subiz Free Package

Delightful with powerful features yet stress-free about money.

Why does Subiz support Free Package to you?

Subiz puts so much care about the start-up and small businesses because we used to struggle in chasing our dreams from scratch. That is the reason why we deeply understand about the finance problems may happen. Therefore, we happily offer a Subiz FREE package to accompany with you to achieve success in the future.

After 30 days trial, you may choose a suitable subscription package, otherwise, Subiz will automatically offer you the free package.

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  • Agent
  • Chats per month
  • Chat on Dashboard and IM Client
  • Concurrent chat
  • Multiple websites support
  • Chat history
    7 days
  • Chat transcript/Offline message to email
  • Custom chat widget CSS
  • Basic reports
    7 days
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