Here’s How to Tell If You’ll Need a Live Chat on Your Website

If you’re running an online business and wondering if you need to install a live chat on your website, check out this article!

You already know that live chat is a conversion-boosting tool for eCommerce website, don’t you? However, you still haven’t made up your mind yet and still hesitate to use a live support for your online website? Read through this article, I’ll help you clarify the cloud in your mind.

Well, whether you need a live support or not, here are 2 steps to get your answer.

A little of foreword

First of all, I need to remind you that the best advantage of live chat is its instant reaction to customer’s need. And businesses whose customers require quick responses are the ones that should have live support on their website most.

Of course this can be depended on many other factors to define the key support channel for your business, but you should mind the benefits as well as characteristics of real time support in order to decide on using it.

What type of market are you operating in?

what is your business?

In general, most eCommerce businesses can utilize the power of live chat for their website. However, there are businesses just need it more than other. Here I list out different industries with some characteristics for you to reflect your business accordingly.

Online retail stores

Online retailing has been improved very much for better shopping experiences for customers. This niche aims for the comfort in buying things customers want. And live support is an essential tool for this.

Also, according to BoldChat, 31% of online shoppers from both the US and UK say they would be more likely to purchase after a real-time chat. It’s been already proven that online stores with live chat more sales by engaging online visitors as well as assisting them throughout their shopping.

Online dealers and services (auto, real estate, travel, hotel, event, etc.)

This industry when running online will face a serious problem of bounce rate if you don’t know how to keep people stay because it’s harder to make people see what is relevant to their need immediately (unlike retail websites).

Live support tool can help reduce the bounce rate in these websites greatly since no query from visitors left unanswered when they go and it helps them find the service they need faster. Plus, 24/7 support is a big plus point for such industry – which could be more efficient than a 24/7 real time chat support?

Plus, customers of online services like auto dealer, real estate agent or travel/tour company will have to spend time on explain in more detail the service they are offering to customers. And live chat is a better choice when you can save both time and effort in helping customers on this matter – it’s faster than serving one by one via the phone or waiting for email reply.

Other (education, law, firms, etc.)

The industries in this list may have less urgent need for a live chat tool. Why? Because the volume of support query is not as high and active as well as urgent like the two above. And because the customers from the two listed above need more pre-sales questions (easy queries that can be solved quickly) than ones in this group.

However, if you are running an education or law firms (or any other similar kinds of firm) based website, live chat can help deliver the answers people are searching for faster.

Plus, live chat for these industries also helps you take a better initiative approach to potential customers.

Who are your targeted customers?

There is one statistics you must know when choosing live chat for your website too: it is the demographic of your business’s targeted customers. And one of the most important user’s demographic factors related to live chat is age.

live chat usage by age statistics

According to research, young people who are born from 1980 to 2000 prefer using live chat for their questions. So, if your business is aiming at young people – you should consider investing in live chat too.

In conclusion,

So, now have you got the answer for yourself? Live chat is not necessarily used for all kinds of eCommerce websites, but skipping on using it just because you don’t know if you should use it or not, is a big waste.

And if you go “I knew it. I gotta have a live chat tool now!”, then congrats! And why not try out Subiz live chat – a very easy to setup yet powerful tool for you to build a real time relationship with your customers!

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