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Interact with customers from many Fanpages on time, easily manage customer data and boost sales on Fanpage

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How it work?

Increase Customer Interaction

Easily interact with customers from many fanpage right on Subiz Dashboard

Automate Followers Pursuing Process

Support customer with their needs by the right people and pursue them with automation to enhance sales

Manage Multiple Fanpages

Track and manage customer interactions on all your fanpages

Customer Segmentation

Segment customers for each fanpage and synchronize customer database on multi-channels


Report and analyze interactions according to Time, Tag, Agent and Users from all your Fanpages

Cross - channel communication

Interact with customers across multi - channels in one platform

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More than +20,000 business are truly, deeply, madly using Subiz

  • NCB Bank Kidplaza PNJ Vin Group
    mywork Dat Xanh Mazda FPT
  • Vietnam Discovery Pico GLN English
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