How to Uplift Your Customer Service with Subiz Live Chat

May 7, 2015 - Customer Service Tips

Who is going to be on the first line of defense when things go wrong and customers need a solution for their problem? It’s your customer service team. And did you know that 57% of online customers prefer live chat as a helpful and quick channel to reach your support team?

That is to say, live chat support plays an important role in direct interaction with customers to find out the solutions for their concerns.

There are many live chat softwares as well as service available for you to choose from. Each of them has its own unique features to please your need. However, if you want to find the most suitable, functional and affordable live chat software – I would suggest that you put Subiz live chat in your consideration.

Why? Because this excellent tool helps you level up your customer service in many ways. Let’s explore!

1. Minimize time and effort for both customers and support team


Thanks to live chat’s instant access, quick response as well as almost zero hold-time, 63% of online consumers said it’s more likely for them to return to a website that has live chat. Nothing is better than a smart tool that cures the pain of waiting for customers and management for customer service agents. Subiz is an excellent live chat service and such a pain-killer for you like that.

Subiz has a feature of proactive chat invitation which shows your support presence during the whole time customers surfing on your website. This well-thought feature will always display a chat invitation for customers wherever you want so that customers won’t leave your site with questions left unanswered.

Hence, bounce rate will decrease and sales will go up. Customers can save their time digging for answers because there’s always a live person there for them to reach for.

Another time-saving feature for both customers and support reps is visitor monitoring with which returning customers don’t have to re-explain their problem and your staff knows exactly what they need via saved chat history.


Chat history with chat transcript and visitor’s information

In addition to chat history is the email transcript for chat. Subiz helps you with a report of chat conversation. If your customers encounter the same problem again, they will know how to tackle it down with a saved chat report instead of having to ask support agents over again.

2. Automate support with smart features

Automation is an important part of any nifty customer service tool. With the right amount of “automation” in Subiz live chat, this tool helps your team handle support without stress and still keep your brand close to customers, without making it look robotic.

The smart chat trigger in Subiz lets you create instant auto reply for customers when they send you chat request. These chat triggers can be customized so you can freely express your friendly side to customer with an automatic initial response.

That’s not all. When your store sells natively, you don’t have to worry about the language when installing Subiz on your website. Subiz will automatically detect the language your visitors using and switch to that language. Now your job is just having a comfortable conversation with your visitor’s native language. Isn’t it spectacular?



Subiz live chat is responsive

Oh, did I mention that Subiz is responsive too? Nowadays, if your website doesn’t support mobile devices then you’re doomed. No customers want to stay on that kind of backward website. If your website is already responsive then you can rest assured that Subiz is mobile-friendly too. The chat widget will displays nicely on your store with any screen resolution so user experience will be just smooth.

3. Make your brand more personal

Along with automated features that lift a great burden from your support team’s shoulders, Subiz provides you a wide range of personal customization possibility so your brand can always be the brand that customers love.


Customers love companies who speak the way they do and know their preferences. Understanding this, Subiz gives you other options to humanize your brand beside the custom chat invitation and chat trigger:

  • Chat widget customizationuplift-customer-service-with-subiz-live-chat-6

A chat widget that matches your overall website’s design, why not? Subiz brings your live chat support closer to customer’s impression with your website via a customizable live chat window. You can add or edit CSS styles for chat window so it will be a part of your website and imitate your brand’s icon.

  • Chat command

With this feature, Subiz will remember name, email and phone number of your site’s visitors so the next time they are back, they will be welcomed with a personalized message including their own name. Isn’t it great to touch your customer’s heart just by calling their name and making them feel like you know each other so well?

4. Track and evaluate support performance

When it comes to improving customer service’s quality, Subiz is a nod for any type of business. When your support agents are busy with conversations with customers and helping them overcome their problem, Subiz does it job with collecting data for later evaluation.

Chat report

Chat report

Subiz helps you keep ultimate control of speed of responses, number of missed chats, agent’s performance per case, customer’s rating for live chat, etc. From these numbers, you can operate a better support system via knowing which is good, which is bad and which needs to be improved as well as who is going to be your dedicated support agents of the month.

Rating report

Rating report

There are still more essential features for a customer service team to become outstanding. You can discover other Subiz features here.

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Subiz live chat is the right tool for any business owners who are serious in improving user experience on their site via customer service. Also, if you’re looking for a way to make live chat support a meaningful and memorable experience each and every time your customers knock on your door, then come to Subiz!

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