True Value of Customer Feedback to Your Business Development

The goal of your business is not just sale but also customer satisfaction, especially in service industry. Even you sell products only once for customers, you still need to care about customer feedback which will help you apprehend more about your business, products, and others.

If you are looking for a solution to collect customer feedback, live chat will be definitely worth considering. Along with live chat, you also get tons of benefits, such as real-time monitoring, traffic statistics, customer survey, and etc. all in one product at a very reasonable price.

There are many ways to collect customer’s feedback but live chat survey seems to be the best choice for your company. You can easily catch your customer’s eyes when they are in your website.

Of course, customers can read your email, but forget or neglect it because they are too busy and even don’t remember who you are and what products they bought from you.

Gain a greater rate of customer satisfaction with customer feedback

quality survey - customer feedback

Gain a greater rate of customer satisfaction

Getting back to the main point, the first and foremost value of customer feedback is that you can learn a great deal from your customers on how to serve them better. Don’t try to convince them writing a long comment about your products and their satisfaction with your service. They can give it to you through quick survey.

By monitoring customer feedback, you make appropriate changes to the weak areas of your business, such as products, customer service, and then you will enjoy a greater rate of customer satisfaction, which is the most critical thing to your company.

Improve the quality of live chat conversion

Besides you can monitor the performance of your support staffs through live chat application by measuring the response time, volume of missed chats and agents’ work time duration, customer survey is a very good source to evaluate the quality of the supporting agent.

You can ask customers some questions, such as “Are you satisfied with customer support?” and “Do you have any recommend for our live chat agents?” It would be better when you know what customers are thinking about your customer service, especially when they have any problem with it.

Although you want everything runs smoothly, but sometimes live chat support does not always work like that. Customer service representatives are people so they can make mistakes, irrespective and careless. You don’t have time to read through all of the transcripts, but you have a post chat survey where customers can leave their feedback.

If you receive some negative feedback, it is a sign that something might have gone wrong with your customer service. You need to pay attention and possibly a follow up is needed. You can see the strengths and weaknesses of live chat agents and give them more training on how to support customers better.

Prepare better for live chat support

Customer feedback

Prepare better for live chat support

There are some common questions that customers normally ask and you are easily to handle it. However, many unexpected things happen while they are in your website and you don’t know clearly about it.

For example, customers added products to their cart, but they still did not see it, how could they do? Some agents may lack technical knowledge so they can’t solve it or explain properly how to do.

Some situations in reality take more than one interaction to solve the customer’s problem or need time to check the information they are searching for. Not all the time live chat agents can answer all the questions within minutes.

Having customer feedback on hand allows you to prepare information better on what exactly problems customers confront with.

Help marketing and product development

Depending on the nature of your business and your goals you may have different types of questions you would like to ask your customers to help your product and marketing team, such as “Where did you hear about us?”, or “Do you have any suggestions for improving our product/service?”.

Just make sure there are only 1 – 2 questions like that. Don’t bombard your customers with many questions that take time to finish it. They will leave your survey before filling full all the questions with their answers.

Earn more loyal and satisfied customers

Earn more loyal and satisfied customers

Earn more loyal and satisfied customers

It is important to know what customers think about your business and product/service, however, don’t use it as a tool to receive direct benefits for your company merely. It is also a channel to engage your customers with your business, to become emotionally connected.

If you just ask customers some questions about how they enjoyed the service or what they would like to add to it or improve it, they will feel it is not valuable to them. Let them know that you respect their feedback and show them their ideas truly important to you. By this way, you will earn more loyal and satisfied customers.

Get inspired by positive feedback you received

Get inspired by positive feedback you received

Get inspired by positive feedback you received

Everyone should be inspired by good feedback for their works, especially customer service team, who are responsible for make customers happier. Moreover, you also can use it as demonstrate that your product is good.


Overall, don’t dispose of and underestimate the information customers provide you. Let use it to grow your business. All their feedback are very valuable to you. What you need to do is just using it and improves your service.

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November 27, 2015 - Customer Service Tips