[Update] Resolved The Issues With Accessing app.subiz.com.vn And Change The Subiz Widget Embed Code.

Dear our valued customer,

As of June 6, 2020, some Subiz accounts have experienced issues with accessing app.subiz.com and widget’s displaying on websites. The cause resulted from the breakdown of the AAE-1 submarine cable (June 4, 2020) that led to the reduction of international bandwidth and connection errors to Subiz.

Subiz team have focused on monitoring the situation to come up with the following solutions:

1. Resolve the the issues with accessing app.subiz.com

The URL has now been modified to app.subiz.com.vn. This will ensure all customers can access and use Subiz normally.

2. Change Subiz’s Widget Embed Code.

Subiz has created a new embed code to fix the display error and ensure the interaction process between your business and customers is seamless.

Please follow these quick and simple steps below:

  • Login to app.subiz.com.vn, get the new Embed code.
  • Replace the old code on your website with this new one.
  • Check out the Subiz widget on the website.

Note: For those who have contacted us and been assisted by Subiz agents to change the new embed code during the incident (from June 4, 2020), it is not necessary to follow the above instruction.

Subiz will continue monitoring the issues and update you as soon as the latest information is available.

For further assistance, please contact us via:

  • Website: Subiz
  • Email: support@subiz.com

Best regards,
Subiz team.

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