My 4 Real-life Tips on Copywriting for Product Description

You have great products to sell. Your website has quite good daily traffic. But at the end of the month, you still pull your hairs out wondering why you haven’t made good sales.

Check again. It could be that your product description sucks. If it’s cold, flat and it seems like you just fill the words in the “Product detail” section to sell, then I’ll help you improve it with my own lessons learnt.

Get ready now! I’m going to tell you about how to write more enticing product description that makes people love your products like you do. Then, maybe they’ll click on the Buy now button?

Know your brand tone

At first, tell me, what is your brand characteristic? Do you sell sporty clothing for teenagers and want your brand to have a funny tone of voice with some trendy slang words here and there which are familiar with your audience?

Define the brand image you want people to perceive and remember about you. Then you can move on to choose a suitable tone of voice for your product’s description. You can be humorous or very proactive and full of energy, or just being like a dedicated assistant in telling about your product.

To choose a brand tone, you need a brand image. And to have the right brand image, you’ll need to take a look back at your targeted audience. What is your customer persona? Only understanding deeply your potential consumers do you know what will make them laugh, agree with you or evoke the urge to buy things from you.

Look at how ThinkGeek talk about their Laboratory Shot Glasses – a very friendly and funny product description that makes readers giggle:

Tip on product description coypwriting

Avoid the cliché

Cliché is an annoying trap that we copywriters might easily fall into.

In contrast with the flat, hard rock cold boring words, the cliché is the flowery words added in a product copy. Cliché is tempting since we always want to impress readers with the beauty of words we use. But they don’t help you sell more – it just confuses your customers. Customers don’t want beautiful yet vague words – they need direct and simple product description that lets them know what the product is about.

Tip on product description coypwriting

For example, reading a technology product saying “it comes with out-of-the-box features, top-notch technology and it is the best of its kind” just makes me want to close that product description tab right away!

Furthermore, too much cliché used without careful consideration will make your product slip through customer’s mind. Cliché doesn’t hook. Your idea in presenting product description should be the star, not the fancy words.

Be useful and specific

So, you can avoid being boring and use cliché in your product description if you can be real good in make your product description useful for potential buyers.


Talk about the benefits. How your product can help customers resolve their problem? What do customers get when buying the product? Why is your product the right choice for them not any other product from anywhere else? Check how Method Home talks about the “usefulness” of their 8X Laundry Detergent:

Tip on product description coypwriting

Focusing on the benefits of customers helps you figure out the right way to approach to the customer’s mind and make them feel the need to buy. No need to shout it out “Buy this” into their face.

Anchor a story

A product is a story of its own. Be creative and think of different ways to convey the different sides of your product – like why you came out with the idea of making this product for your customers. Or why not put your product around a situation when it is useful. Or simply, just tell a relevant story with your product, like how Think Geek says when selling their Planetary Glass Set:

Tip on product description coypwriting

By attaching a little fact about water and the solar system’s planets, Think Geek did a great job in connecting the product with a story and tailoring it into customer’s mind.

Using story in your product description will make customers visualize better about your product. You can even wake up their imagination and make them fantasize about the moment they actually use your product and feel great about it.

Wrap up

Write product description that not only for selling but hooking onto the mind of customers. I hope that with the experience on copywriting shared above, you now have more idea to present as well as fix your product description.

Does your product description rock? Why not share it here?

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December 17, 2015 - Tips to Increase Online Sales