5 Reasons Why You Definitely Needs a Business Blog

It’s irrefutable that business blog generates online traffic to your website. It also has several other benefits to your business website. However, many e‐commerce sites are not taking advantages of having a blog that could make your business lack of many potential customers.

If you are still skeptical about whether your business needs a blog or not, here are 7 reasons that convinces you to build a blog immediately.

1. Business blog generates traffic instantly to your website


If you want to make sales as much as possible through your company website, the most important thing here is the number of relevant traffic.

You can not put too much information on your business website where your content is limited to a few pages with only some basic information about products, services. It is also not updated frequently. In this situation, blog is the perfect solution.

Blog is where you can share stories about your brand, any features of your products or services, as well as collect customers’ comments. Blog is traffic magnet and Google loves them. Google indexes blog posts much quicker than other pages.

Blog gives you the opportunity to show on Google search result when someone searches the product you offer on your business website, which bring to you a better chance of customers coming to your sites.

It is because you can create an abundant resource for your blog to get highly relevant traffic by focusing on relevant keywords in your blog posts as well as links, specific phrasing to your eCommerce site.

All of them can aid in getting your online content crawled more effectively. From that point, you can expect that your sales will increase.

2. Blog helps to create community

5 Reasons Why You Definitely Needs a Business Blog

People love sharing and reading feedback from other customers who have experience with the products or service they are looking for. Blog is a good place to share these information and create a community among people who have the same interest.

It’s likely impossible to create a community like that with just your business website. It’s too dry and limited space for people to share.

With blogging, you can share with your customers the hidden secrets your industry, why choose us, your business history, development in the industry and advice on products, etc. which is very beneficial. Then, you can exchange views with your readers and engage in different discussions with them.

3. Blog increases engagement from your customers

Comments below your posts on blog is a very valuable resource to know about your customers’ attitude and how they engage with your business. Not only can you gather quick feedback from your customers through your blog but also save time of your customers by responding regularly to their comments.

Making a phone call or sending an email about your products to the customer service is sometimes taking a long time to receive the respond from the business.

So, comments on blog is convenient for customers when they want to share something with you or other customers. It is a golden opportunity to learn from readers and allow them to tell you exactly what they are interested in and how they perceive your brand.

4. Blog keeps the people on your website longer


Admittedly, not only Google love content but also customers want to read more information about the products or service they care about. Reading only some basic information on your business website seems not to be enough for the customers when they are on the way to make a final decision of purchasing.

People consider so much time before deciding buying something, so if you can not give them these information, they will leave your site very quickly to find other source.

Especially when people go to your website through search engine. If your website is lack of valuable information, dry and has nothing to discover, your site’s bounce rate will be very high.

Implementing a business blog besides business website is a good idea to keep the people on your website longer. It is strongly effective when persuading people to buy products on your website by providing many articles about the features of the products and feedback from other customers.

5. Blog builds trust and generates qualified sales leads


There is a process of converting sales from readers that Helpful content = Trust, Trust = Leads, then Leads = Sales. Once you have the trust of your readers and loyal visitors through consistent value on your blog, it is easier to convert them into paying customers.

Some people will decide to pay at the first time they see product information on your website, but many others skim and scan very carefully about the product before making sales. So, if you can build trust from your blog, you will have a better chance of converting them into your customers.

In conclusion

Starting a business blog can be a huge boost for your business. It not only establishes your credibility, but it also contributes more sales. If you see it worthy, create a blog now to connect with your readers and gain more sales!

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