5 Ways to Boost Your Sales with a Powerful Guarantee

Have you ever used any guarantee for your online services and digital products and boost your sales? Although you are selling the best products with perfect customer service, you sometimes don’t know the reason why your business does not attract many customers as expected.

Boost your sales with guarantees on your website. Many entrepreneurs recently have discovered that guarantee can be one of the most powerful routes to more sales. Online buyers are often plagued by fears and doubts. And there’s nothing that will kill a sale faster than doubt. The guarantee will make customers safe and more confident about their choices.

1. Money Back Guarantee to boost your sales

5 Ways to Boost Your Sales with a Powerful Guarantee

Gain more sales with Money Back Guarantee

Many businesses selling products online and offline offer a money back guarantee, assuring their buyers that they will not go wrong with their purchase. Nobody wants to spend money with the risk of unqualified products, especially when they buy something online which they are not able to feel or touch the product.

Since you believe in your product wholeheartedly, you should always be willing to give their money back, if they are not satisfied.

Money Back Guarantee is a great way of influencing customers, eases the buying decision of the client by giving them a kind of psychological security that their money will be returned.It is also a good call to action and motivation to encourage customers to buy your product instantly.

2. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Fulfill a customer’s satisfaction is a good way to generate sales

Fulfill a customer’s satisfaction is a good way to generate sales

This guarantee is telling customers that they will not be disappointed when using your service or product.100% Satisfaction Guarantee is not only advantageous to customers, but also businesses.

Customers will be happy while businesses can create an opportunity to save the sale by offering an exchange or 2nd chance effort.

Many customers are not satisfied with products bought online because they don’t have a change to try it before purchasing. If you offer them 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by allowing them to change their products by color, size, etc. when they don’t like it, you can save your sale and even create more sales with higher credibility from your customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee can be a great way to boost the sales of service companies, hotel and spa for instance. Customers care about the satisfaction when they use these services, so you are guaranteeing their satisfaction, which in turn negates the opportunity for regret.

3. Low Price Guarantee

Low price guarantee is a metric to compete with other competitors

Low price guarantee is a metric to compete with other competitors

There are many businesses selling the same products in a fiercely competitive market. To compete with other companies, besides some guarantees you can use above, one of the most benefit guarantee can kick off your sales is Low Price Guarantee.

Customers always want to buy the best products with reasonable price. If you can guarantee that you are selling the high quality products with low price, you gain more sales.

4. On time Delivery Guarantee

Always bring the products to the customers’ door on-time

Always bring the products to the customers’ door on-time

This guarantee will give your buyers a peace of mind that their services or goods will be delivered on time without any delay.

Customers choose to buy products online because it is convenient and quickly delivered. So, if your business can guarantee that all the products will be delivered on time, you will get more trust from your customers.

For example, your customer orders one beautiful dress on your website for her birthday party tomorrow night, and you guarantee that all your products will be delivered to the customers within 1 day, so there is no reason not to send it to her door tomorrow morning.

If you cannot send her on time, you will lose this customer, even lose your band’s reputation. But if you can do as your guarantee, your business will have more sales and your customers can become your loyal fans.

5. Free Trial

Get true customers after free trial time

Get true customers after free trial time

Offering a free trial for a limited period or limited quantity is a good marketing strategy which helps potential customers experience the ins and outs of your products before making the final purchase decision.

This guarantee really works well with a new product. It provides an opportunity for customers to accustomed to new technologies and products, compare your products with others as well as it shows that the product of your company can be trusted.

Giving free trial to customers is not a free giveaway. It is considered as an investment in the future that your potential customers will become your real ones without adoubt about your product/service.

In conclusion

The Guarantee does contribute 100% to the number of sales your business get, but if you have not tried it before, try it. Take one of the Guarantees above and implement it to your sales page, then you will find it worthwhile!

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