8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most powerful advertising channel for the success of many online businesses. There are so many questions asked “Why use Adwords?” and “Do Google Adwords work?”.

In this article, I will show you 8 reasons your business should use Google Adwords as a key marketing channel to reach your targeted customers and gain more sales.

1. Target your customers easily

A majority of online consumers search for a product or service using Google. So, if your business targets to online consumers, there is no reason to refuse this wonderful marketing channel.

8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Adwords

You can easily target your customers

Google Adwords helps you create some type of campaigns. For example:

Search campaign where your ads can show on Google search results and search partner sites, which help your business target consumers who search for a product/service relating to your product/service.

Display campaign where your ads can be automatically matched to websites and other placements like mobile phone apps, when your keywords are related to the sites’ content. You can also choose to target some specific sites, pages about specific topics, demographic, which is the most suitable for your product/service.

This type of campaign helps you target a huge amount of Internet browsers, who have interest in same product/service with your offer.

2. Small initial investment

You have to pay a lot of money for advertisement on TV and ad banner on some popular websites or pay a certain money for articles on newspaper. But, you can start your Google Adwords ads with a small investment at the beginning.

You need not bid on all keywords, only focus on some important keywords which can bring positive Return on Investment (ROI) to your business. Also, you are charged when someone clicks on your ad, if there is no click, you don’t have to pay money for Google.

In addition, you can adjust your budget based on your Adwords account’s performance or time of the year. For instance, a keyword does not perform well and does not bring any profit to your business can be paused from the ad group or bid with reduce amount.

From this point, defining the budget becomes an important reason to choose Google Adwords as a marketing channel.

3. Direct traffic to the site

The most important thing for an online business is the traffic to the website where they can gain online purchases from customers. There are many ways to direct traffic to the site, such as referral, social, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other sources, however, Google Adwords ads can help you gain more traffic and direct the browsers to the exact page of the product/service they want to buy.

More importantly, Google Adwords brings instant traffic to a site, which otherwise would take a much longer time and greater investment. Thus, by running Google Adwords campaign, your business can have a stable traffic to your site and more convert from that traffic.

4. Get instant results

If you are looking for traffic and sales increasing right now, then Google Adwords is a great way of getting it. You just need a few hours of setting Google Adwords campaign with full element of a campaign, so you get an instant kick-start to any promotional campaign.

An online business can get traffic by using Search Engine Optimasion (SEO), however, for new businesses and websites, it can take months to see results. While working on SEO for your site, you can start getting impressions and clicks simultaneously.

5. Tracking success

By implementing conversion tracking code on your website, Google Adwords provides you many reports about account performance, which helps you have an overview about what is going good and bad.

You also can use Google Analytics to track the reports of the Google Adwords campaign against keywords. This allows you to decide on their future steps with regard to a certain keywords or marketing campaign.

Suppose a keyword or a campaign is doing well, you can increase a higher bid to get more traffic and sales. On the other hand, a keyword or a campaign that fails to bring expected goal can be removed or paused.

Thus, you can track success and failure in real time and decide the next step for future marketing strategy.

6. Target locally

You can easily target ads locally with Google Adwords. Adwords offers location targeting for your ads. You can choose specific locations to show your ads on the Google search network and Google display network. It allows you to reach the browsers at local, national, and even international level.

For example: Your target customers are the residents of Hanoi, so you can set your target location for your Adwords campaign is Hanoi where your ads only show for people living in Hanoi.

7. Google Adwords might convert better organic results

Google Adwords helps business target customers at the right time when they need to buy a product/service by searching on Google, so the conversion rate of Google Adwords might be up to 2 times higher than organic results (conversion rates vary by industry).

Almost all of the online businesses have the same goal of making sales as much as possible, so if they can gain more sales from Google Adwords, they should consider using it immediately.

8. Your competitors using Google Adwords

Finally, there’s competitor pressure. If your competitors are using Google Adwords, why not you? If you ignore this marketing channel, you may lose many potential customers who always search for product/service on Google.

In conclusion

These are the top 8 reasons why you should use Google Adwords to bring effective traffic and sales to your site. Adwords should be your first choice for your paid advertising campaigns.

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