How to Answer These Popular Questions from Demanding Customers

June 10, 2016 - Customer Service Tips

Working in a customer service team, you’re no stranger to difficult (and sometime unreasonable) questions from tough customers, right?

So have you been training enough to deal with those questions while keeping a good customer’s experience for them? Even when you are an experienced agent, I hope that the following tips will come in handy whenever you nearly blow up your mind handling difficult customers, especially on real-time interaction like live chat or phone support.

Let’s go!

First, how to approach demanding customers

how to approach demanding customers - customer service tips

When receiving a rough question from a customer, don’t jump immediately into answering them.

Take a few seconds to read their question again. What’s the problem? What are they asking you about or what do they want? Is it possible that the problem come from the customer’s side? Try imagining about what your customer has been through and their situation to understand their way of thinking.

Usually there are two types of customers: those who are wrong and those who are right. You need to identify their demand and the root of their problem to categorize them correctly in order to approach them.

Customer service tip: Be smart when answering to the most popular questions from demanding customers!

Can I have a discount of your product/service?

When I was in customer service team, one of the most popular questions I get from customers, especially via live chat, is that they want a discount from us since “the price is too high” or “your product is great I want to have it but I don’t have enough money”.

So what the best answer should be?

Remember that for customer, they tend to have the thought of “buying” is “losing money”, not investing into something good for their need. So, you need to help them change their way of thinking. Show them what benefits they get from using your product – the more values there are, the smoother the comparison can be.

Your product is worth it. But if you can provide them a little discount or something in extra, it would be much greater.

URGENTTTTTTT! Can you solve this NOW?

popular questions from demanding customers

It seems that many customers like to act like they are extremely busy and on the run with time. They want everything to be done right away. They don’t care if their problem is a minor one or coming after other customer’s questions. They like to stick URGENT badge on all of their questions.

Of course there are many real emergency queries from customers, but also there are many normal-priority ones in disguise. So how would you answer such question?

For customers like these, sometimes it’s not that they’re trying to act mean towards support agents, so relax your nerve. It’s very likely that they just don’t understand right about how the problem will be fixed. Maybe he honestly thinks it’s just a minor thing that can be done in an instant.

Your answer should be a clear explanation of the possible solution for their problem, how your team will process each step and how long they should wait for the final solution to arrive. Use your tone to calm them down and be extra gentle with these customers.

Your product sucks! Why do I need to ask for help every time using your product?

Okay, here goes the Mr. Complainer.

Is it true that your product goes out of function so often that customers can’t use it?

This is easy to figure out. If there are many people complaining about how your product works, then it’s time to check your product again.

But when other customers are using your product without grumping about it, you still have some customers with problems every time using it. Then, it might be that they keep on creating new problem on their own with your product but don’t realize it. Instead, they blame it on your company.

Now what should be the answer to this type of customers (don’t tell them they are stupid)? Explain why they have such problem. Suggest them some tips using your product – even when the tips are all in your user manual (they might not read it form the start). And you’ll have to be very patient with this type of customers because they will keep coming back for their next mistakes.

Can you do this for me?

Most popular questions from demanding customers

Many customers think that since you’re the maker of the product, you have the responsibility of customizing the product as they wish.

There are requests that are dead easy and available in the product’s user manual but they will never bother to read. If they need to do something with your product, they’ll just come to ask you.

What do you think the best answer for these customers should be? Give them an easy instruction of how their request can be done. They’ll learn how to do it on their own and won’t need to ask you to do for them next time.

You can also show them all the materials or sources where they can look up for when needed before calling your support team. Tell them that by doing so, they’ll save great time from waiting for your company’s support.

Keep ‘em or leave ‘em?

Not all difficult customers are right. There are many people who just don’t like you no matter what your company is doing for them. In that case, there is nothing wrong with your customer service. Learn to leave out their negative impact.

For the other demanding customers, just try staying with their problem a little more and put more effort in helping them. Who knows? At the end of the day the demanding ones might turn out to be the most loyal fans.

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