How to Launch a Facebook Campaign Successfully

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to ensure the success of your Facebook campaign, this post is not for you. If you are expecting some secret tips that only several people know, you will not find any here.

However, the following recommendations will be very helpful in the way to assist your original Facebook campaign as well as make the most out of it.

1. Define Your Target Group

As the total number of daily active Facebook users has reached to 890 million (Facebook source updated in 28/01/2015), Facebook is now a country having the third biggest population in the world if considered it as a real nation.

It is impossible to land a new campaign and expect that it would work the same to every user so you have to find your own audience segmentation. Identifying fan group to a Facebook campaign is as important as finding customer to a product.

Plus, you better test your campaign ads on various groups and see how they respond to it. You might be surprised of the testing result and discover that your product can get benefit from an unexpected customer group.

2. Design Content to Fit Your Audiences

design content to fit your audiences - How to Launch a Facebook Campaign Successfully

It is no doubt that social media can largely influence the crowd behavior. That’s why you should create a campaign that is likely to reach and influence as many people as possible in your target group with likes, shares and comments.

The tip is to associate your Facebook campaign with your brand image and make it suit with your audiences’ nature.

For example, campaign designing for youngsters will get more attention generally if it has fun, creative and breaking through elements. As a result, it can create emotions like inspiration, surprise, challenge and achievement to the viewers.

3. Tell a Good Story

Who doesn’t like a good story? I guess no one would refuse to enjoy some interesting contents during their breaks in between study and work. Remember to stay away from complex figures and charts but stick to innovations with images, catchy phrases and relatable stories.

Many only followed half of this tip by just telling some unrelated-to-product or uninteresting stories which consequently made their efforts go in vain.

How to Launch a Facebook Campaign Successfully

You might wonder what make a story qualified for marketing purpose. The story can be about successful individual, your brand, your product and so on. But whatever the story tells, it should be simple, unique, shareable and especially emotional.

These factors will affect people’s feeling effectively and of course eventually move them to open their wallets.

4. Interact With Your Community

interact with your community

Every campaign needs its place to shine and thrive. The place absolutely is a community in which the campaign has its available fans and followers. If your community size is big enough, it can spread the information of your campaign quickly from one to another and even to people outside the group.

Your job is to persuade them to like, share and comments on your posts. In other words, you create the interest among them, interact with them frequently especially when a query about your product is raised and finally build up a positive relation with your existing audiences. As a result, they will become your free e-marketers through their word of mouth marketing.

5. Schedule Your Posts

Timing is essentially important in social media marketing. When to post; how often and how long between your posts are common questions that trouble any e-marketer.  A study from QuickSprout showed that the optimal time to post on Facebook is during lunch break and early afternoon and the happy days are Thursday and Friday.

However, you should also observe the general habits and behaviors of your community to know when they are most active before setting up your posting schedule. Sometimes it depends on your instincts and sensitivity.

But no matter what way you choose you need to obtain necessary information before launching your main campaign. Then you follow this routine of posting patiently to ensure the success later.

6. Looking For Opinion Shapers

Every industry or sector has its own “opinion shapers” who have significant impact and influence on the others with their knowledge, mega connection and credibility. A good example for this is the fiction character Anton Ego, a famous food critic who can easily make or break a restaurant with his reviews in the well-known animation Ratatouille.

looking for opinion shaper

If you can have someone similar to Ego in your industry to share your campaign or give positive feedback to your product on his wall, you surely can win a lot respects and attentions from many people. Here I don’t imply that you need to bribe the opinion leaders and I strongly recommend you should never have that intention.

On the other hand, I suggest you to contact them and provide them with valuable and inside information of your campaign. These opinion leaders are always hungry and looking for fresh and exciting news which they cannot wait to be the first one to talk about it.

So you will win half of the game as to get your campaign known by many, then whether or not your product receives positive reactions depends on its quality, features and look.

7. Go Mobile Friendly

Make sure that the whole campaign of your Facebook marketing is mobile friendly or easily viewable on mobile in other words.

Anything related to your campaign for instance Facebook ads, Facebook apps and NCF app should operate and be responsive perfectly on mobile platform. You should test everything on different mobile devices and ensure that your audiences can experience completely all of functions from your Facebook campaign by the time you launch it officially.

If you are interested in designing a mobile friendly website, my previous article on Subiz’s blog may be useful providing standard how-to-do steps.

In A Nutshell

Facebook is surely an effective platform for any e-marketer to promote their product or company image. These recommendations will be handy and helpful at making your Facebook campaign become viral among your fans and community.

But remember that above all of marketing tactics, the first and most vital factor is your product quality which is the basic requirement from any customer. You would never make anything out of your campaign as long as your product is not high quality. As many say, good marketing cannot carry a bad product!

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