Manage Agents: Do You Know How?

Now you’ve installed Subiz live chat for your site. Suppose that you’re in charge of support team. But have you ever wondered that how you can manage your agents? Check some ways below to make sure that you can keep track every steps of your agents:

1. Dashboard

It’s no doubt that managing agents in Dashboard is much powerful and useful but sometimes you don’t know how to take advantages  of it. Let me show you:

In Dashboard, apart from add/delete agents and set up agent’s basic information, you also can dig deep agent’s activities through Report tab. In Report features, Subiz lets you approach the chat events: chat (missed chats and normal chat), availability (the length of ready time for chats), trigger, rating (vote good or bad for agents). The good news is that you absolutely can look at these factors in every agent or agent group data. Since then, you will evaluate your agent/ agent group effectiveness and bring out the plans/solutions to improve. Untitled.png

Want to read agent’s  conversation with visitors? Go to History tab and search agent you want to read about. Remember that you can read agent’s transcript together with other conditions like date, type of visitors, rating and so on.

2. Chat transcript

Of course, in Dashboard, it’s easy for you to read agent’s transcript but if your habit is checking email frequently, you can also receive transcript after the ending of conversations almost immediately. Knowing how your agents talked to visitors promptly help you keep track agent and visitor’s problems as well as figure out without delay that the conversation is good enough. Untitled1.png

3. Google Analytics

Like we said, if you have a Google Analytics account, once you install Subiz for your site, Subiz events will automatically transfer into Google Analytics data. All you need to do now is log into Google Analytics and see how your agents work  in a specific period of time.subiz-event-google-analytics-2.jpg

From Subiz data, you can easily see not only the percentage of the action that agent initiates the conversation but also the details of chat events derived from a specific agent.

From now on, I hope that you’ll manage your agents better. Remember that control the agent’s effectiveness is the key to improve the quality of support and online sales.

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