Pump Up Your Marketing Effort With Stellar Customer Support Service

February 11, 2015 - Customer Service Tips

Customer support service and your business’s marketing are a perfect pairing. Why is that so?

Because the bad customer service will cost your business not only valuable customers but also your branding, your sales, revenue and more grey hairs. Study from Oracle showed that 86% of consumers stop doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience. And if you let this happen, doesn’t it mean all your marketing effort is wasted?
Marketing nowadays needs to go deeper in analyzing customer experiences – and one of the most effective way to let you do that is via customer support service.

Now let’s roll down for the mantra of making customer support service work perfectly with your marketing strategy! Why good customer service goes hand in hand with better marketing campaign?

Customer support service helps understand your customers better

Pump Up Your Marketing Effort With Stellar Customer Support Service

Helps understand your customers better

For marketers, ‘buyer persona’ is no strange term at all. It’s the profile of people who already do or are most likely to buy products or use service from you. Unless you dive deep into customer’s behaviors and demand, you will never create a precise buyer persona for marketing campaign.

So, how can you walk in the shoes of your customers?

Customer service can greatly help you with that! Directly talk with customers all the time, your support employees know about customers more than any other employees in any other departments. So, your marketing department can have frequent talk or report from the customer department to keeping an eye on what your customers really want.

For customer support department, they can collect more information from prospective customers by asking for their email when they request live chat or email/ticket/forum support. Especially via live chat, you can craft a quick survey of some demographic and behavioral questions for your visitors. Live chat software like Subiz can exactly help you do that with your live chat customers.

Customer support service ignites more ideas for marketing campaign


Ignites more ideas for marketing campaign

Marketing nowadays is all about remarkable content as content is the king of it. As a marketer, keeping a consistent flow of content creation for targeted audience is not always as easy as eating a cake. Sometimes even the toughest marketing warrior gets stuck at producing good content ideas.

That’s when marketing fellows out there need to knock at the customer service department’s door.

Dealing with different customers with their unique demands every single day, you’ll be surprised about how many good content ideas are actually from customer support service. How do these topics sound like for you and your customers?

  • How to use/troubleshoot your product while using it (make sure it’s a clear and helpful tutorial)
  • Best practices to fully utilize your product
  • What are the best examples of using your product, from other customers?
  • …and more.

Those are all about answering your customer’s questions regarding using your product or service. After all, isn’t it true that marketing’s content is about helping your customers solve their problem too? If you know how to take advantage of the data from customer service department, it will be endless goldmine of ideas for your marketing campaign.

You should start thinking about a way to archive your customer’s questions as well as having your customer support team created a report for their queries. For email and forum support, this is not hard to do since everything is archived up there. However, with live chat, you will need to select a good live chat tool with that function available.

Sweat no more. Subiz live chat helps you do this in a blink of an eye. The software has chat transcript which will be sent to your customers as well as be saved for your marketing’s use later.

Customer service helps drive more sales


Helps drive more sales

This is true, without a doubt.

Customer service and marketing campaign have the same goal in the end: to bring more sales to your business. And these two must support each other in achieving this goal.

There are reasons for them to call “customer service is the new marketing”.

When your customers left your website with a smile on their face, there is a high chance that they don’t mind telling their friends or colleagues about your product/service, or advising other people with the same need to be your customers.

There is a term for that, called ‘referral marketing’ or ‘words of mouth marketing’. Providing a good customer service helps you get more customers and more sales, without having to spend a single penny for marketing.

Note: Don’t forget to examine your support service frequently to improve your customer’s satisfaction. Your support service should have a system of rating as well as tracking of your customer support staff’s performance.

Again, I would recommend Subiz for this useful feature. Subiz provides a smart way to measure chat performances like the speed of responses, volume of missed chats, agents’ working duration, etc. And if you find this service awesome, don’t forget to let your friends know and get our commission here also.

See? If you can automate your staff performance’s evaluation, it’s dead simple to detect your best customer support employees!

Why wait? Empower your customer support service now!

You wanna see more testimonials like “I love using your service/products”, right? This doesn’t come out of magic trick – that’s the bad news.

However, the good news is if you google it now, there are an ocean of tips to improve customer service and how to get higher customer’s satisfaction out there. However, in this article, my only advice is that, you need to use a real good customer support tool that automates everything for your customer department and maximizes their ability to satisfy your prospective customers.

More importantly, with the trend of people want to have instant support via live chat than other channels (I didn’t make up this – it’s a fact: 57% of online consumers prefer live chat among other support channels), I suppose that you would have to spend more effort in making your live chat support better.

And my best of all time live chat tool to recommend you is Subiz. You can read more about Subiz’s features and try it and prove me right(or wrong).

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Now you know

All the roads lead to Rome. And all you devote for a good customer service will lead to better sales as well as brand’s reputation. Gaining customer’s love for your eCommerce business is not one-day work, but you can gradually have their trust via a brilliant support service and convert potential buyers into loyal fans with your marketing campaign.

What have you been doing for your eCommerce store? Have you had such lovable customer support tool like Subiz live chat and become a customer support superstar? Experience yourself and let us know your comments here!

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