4 Reasons to Use Live Chat Software for Your E-commerce Website in 2015


New Year 2015

2014 is ending and for every business owner, it’s a must to look back and reflect on what has been good – bad and prepare for a new year. This year, the e-commerce trend is getting much bigger as consumers are getting more used to buying things online. For many people, E-commerce can even almost replace the necessity of going to physical stores. However, is E-commerce truly better than the conventional businesses in every aspect?

It turns out that e-commerce websites often face with a major customer service issue: They cannot provide customers the kind of support that approximates that of a physical store.

Many e-commerce sites have tried to solve this problem by themselves in various ways, such as providing a phone number or an email address, but the customers still find these ways inconvenient for them. This year, many e-commerce sites have started to embrace a new solution: it’s Live Chat Software. If you are an e-commerce site owner and you haven’t used Live Chat yet, you can start by learning about 4 reasons that live chat will change the way you serve your customers online in 2015. For more information, you can even start contacting us right now trying the live chat software at the bottom right on this site for free and learn more about it!

Live Chat Helps You differentiate yourself from the competition


Become a successful eCommerce website

Without the interaction between buyer and seller, your customers are actually buying from a soulless machine. Live Chat software changes this and gives your website a personality.

As a business, it’s essential to position your e-commerce well in the market. Your brand essence is often presented on different marketing channels, but when the customers come to your site, they might not find the essence here. A Live Chat Software can help; as it personifies your business, it also shows more about how you are different from the other e-commerce websites.

Moreover, many sites still haven’t caught up with the Live Chat race. Some still use email and phone calls, some have started to employ Skype or Yahoo as an intermediary, but these methods have been proved to not help much for the e-commerce business. A report by E-Marketer found that for every 2 of 10 visitors who get responded by Live Chat, they also purchase 75% more.

Live Chat can help your budget

Compared with phone calls, Live Chat helps you reduce a significant amount of time and resources to manage the customer. With Live Chat, you can answer people instantly and even chat with more than one at the same time.

Having a phone system is also more costly than utilizing the power of internet. Live Chat software often cost less, some even provide a free option so that business owners can give them a try and select the best one. Subiz, for example, is a successful Live Chat product that you can also get for free (along with a paid option for more features) that has been trusted by more than 8000 business owners.

Live Chat provides better user experience

No matter how well-designed your website is, or how elaborated your product description is, an individual customer always has some sort of pain point when visiting an e-commerce website. He may find it difficult to get around the site, see a broken link or stumble upon an unclear description. Each problem like these ones can discourage the customer from making a purchase.


Live chat provides better user experience

With Live chat software, you are always presented when a customer need help. You may not be able to solve every problem, but at least it is an effort to comfort the customer, give some recommendations and even use a discount incentive to persuade him to make a purchase (If you think he is a potential customer).

Better customer experience means more sales

As the customer has a nice experience on the site, he would tend to stay longer and may even come back for another purchase. This means better conversion rate, as Forbes magazine has recently reported a case of Wells Fargo: In 2008, this company employed online chat to increase sales and as a result, they achieved high customer satisfaction scores and high conversion rate.

Every business owner wants to make more money, and there are different ways of doing so. Some ways can help drive short-term sales, such as discount, but good customer service can create long-term benefit as it increases customer lifetime value. Live Chat as the E-commerce innovation of 2014 is the future of customer service as it creates an easy-to-use channel between the buyer and the seller.

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