Subiz Added Two New Features: File Sharing and Tag

With constant efforts to bring customers the useful features, on 19/09/2015 Subiz introduced two new features: File sharing and Subiz Tags which promises to help agents better customer support and increase sales.

File Sharing

We are very excited to announce one of the newest additions to Subiz features. Sending files between agents and visitors has never been easier!


This feature allows agents and visitors to exchange files such as documents, photos, and presentations through Messaging window. File sharing in live chat helps you improve chat efficiency and advance to the transaction. Visitors now can easily take screenshots of the issues he is confronting or the documents he is referring to, and send it directly to illustrate and explain clearly to the agent. The inconvenience of communication online between business and visitors will be reduced.

File sharing function is available in all Subiz live chat packages (Free, Standard and Advanced). It is enabled by default, but agent administrator can fully install under the following circumstances:

  • Allowing both Agent and Visitor share files.
  • Allow only Visitor or Agent share files.
  • Do not allow the Agent and Visitor share files (this function is locked).

In addition, you can customize the types of files to be shared as .doc; .csv; .ppt and others, which supports visitors to send files more convenient. Click here for more details about File Sharing feature.

Subiz Tags

Another wonderful feature added to Subiz live chat packages is Tag that is named Subiz Tag. Live chat tag is a useful function that allows you to add the tag to a chat and messaging offline. This feature will help you to categorize your chats easier.

Here are the benefits that it brings:

  • Tag-specific statistics, for example: There are 30 conversations tagged “Request a Quote” in August.
  • View the conversation by Tags, for example: Management to review the conversation tagged “Complaint”.


The function will help enterprises get the data and then make a new decision consistent and timely.

This function is available in all Subiz live chat packages (Free, Standard and Advanced) but first you need to go to Setting, and set up the appropriate tags for your business. Only Agent administrator has the authority to create new or delete tags.


Finally, Subiz team would like to send sincere thanks to those customers who gave us their opinions so we can accomplish these two functions! Click here for more details about Subiz Tags!


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September 21, 2015 - What Is New in Subiz?