Subiz Debuts New Desktop Notifications Feature on Dashboard.

September 27, 2014 - What Is New in Subiz?

Subiz today introduces a new Notification features that allows users to use Dashboard conveniently.

The function of Desktop Notifications

During your working process, you can not control everything happening to your visitors on chat dashboard. You need to have a something to alert you. Subiz’s desktop notification is developed for that target.

Desktop notifications are toaster alerts which are used to notify agents that something important has happened. Notifications appear outside the browser window. As the following snapshots show.


There are four notifications:

  • Request chats: Your visitor starts a chat
  • New message in chat: Your visitor has just sent a new message
  • New visitor enters your website: A new visitor accesses your website
  • Returning visitor comes to your website: Someone who has already visited your website came back.

How to configure desktop notification? Click here for more details.

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