Subiz Updates: Changes in Dashboard to Bring Better Experiences

July 31, 2014 - What Is New in Subiz?

Lately, Subiz has made some changes in Dashboard to bring better experiences when using Subiz. These changes include:

Highlight the status of visitor’s status (18/07/2014)
To help you easily acknowledge the visitor’s status, Subiz creates small round spots in button chat (Dashboard) that stands for the availability of visitor:
– Green for Active visitor
– Yellow for Idle visitor
– Black for Offline visitor


Customer’s status on Dashboard chat window

Plus Subiz also adds Close symbol “x” in Button chat.
With these changes, agent can quickly identify, support visitors and control chats.


Enhance History and Agent tab (21/07/2014)
Applied for new technology now tab History and tab Agent are easier and more smooth to use, keep track and control.



Improve the appearance of Chat history on Chat window (30/07/2014)
As for return visitors, it will be easier to see Chat history from previous times. It is divided into small categorizes according to time and agent.


History and new messages will be highlighted

All the improvements Subiz made is in order to increase the quality of interaction between agents and customers. Agents will find it easy to follow visitors as well as know about them.

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