Tracking Subiz Chat Events with Google Analytics

September 5, 2013 - What Is New in Subiz?

Have you ever heard about Google Analytics? Yes, I’m sure most of you say that. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that help you collect and analysize web traffic, traffic sources, measures conversions and sales. If it sounds unfamiliar with you, click through and learn from here

But don’t you know the combination between Subiz and Google Analytics?
Now, you can absolutely track Subiz chat events through Google Analytics easily and effectively.

Maybe the first questions come through your mind is “ How can you set Subiz work with Google Analytics?” Pure and simple! Don’t do anything. If Google Analytics set up on your site, Subiz events automatically are detected and reported to it.

Let’s move on to how you can access this on Google Analytics.

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. In the lefthand sidebar, select Content >> Event >> Overview , Choose Event catagory “SUBIZ Chat”

A screenshot is shown below:

Within the “SUBIZ Chat” category, you should see the following list of ‘Event Actions”. It will provide you an overview of how many conversations your agents handle as well as the performance each agent do in a specific period of time. These information is very useful to control your team.

subiz-event-google-analytics-2Especially, in Subiz 2.0, every time trigger performs successfully, it’s called “an event” and now you can see the category “Subiz labels” stand for triggers did. 2This concludes the basic tutorial of how you can use Google Analytics to track chat events. There’s much more you can do within Google Analytics:
– Finding out which countries your visitors are initiating conversations from
– Tracking pages your visitors are initiating conversations on
– Tracking the goal conversion rates
and more!
Do discover something amazing on your own now!

Huong Bui

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