12 Tips to Run a Successful Google Adwords Campaign (P2)

Running a successful Google Adwords campaign is not an easy work. It requires skills and knowledge of building and maintaining an Adwords account. You can achieve these things below as tips to improve your account performance besides some shared tips in the Part 1 of this article.


7. Choose a good landing page

Each ad group should have only one landing page, where your customers land after clicking your text ad. This page has to be matched to customer’s need. If not, the bounce rate of this site is increasing dramatically, which affects to the performance of your account and user experience assessed by Google.

The landing page is defined by the common theme of the keywords and ad group. It should be as specific as possible.

For example, you create a campaign of hair cosmetics and one ad group to sell your Macadamia shampoo, your customer searches “macadamia shampoo”, then you link them to the home page or the page of Sunsilk. It’s a big mistake. Correct it if your landing page is wrong now.

Homepage is extremely not a good landing page in all cases. Some people always direct their users to the homepage as an ad’s destination for all ad group and campaign.

However, it’s only beneficial for the campaign and ad group which contain some general keywords. So customers will have many choices on your website to navigate to any pages.

8. Use Re-marketing feature


Most of the customers won’t buy at the first time of finding information about the product/service they want. Normally, they will go through so many websites to compare the quality and price of the product.

So, if your campaign use Remarketing feature, you can target customers who have visited your website or who are likely to make conversion but not. You can run Remarketing feature on both Search network and Display network of Google.

It’s possible that the conversion rate of Remarketing campaign is higher and cost for this feature are lower than any other campaigns, such as search campaign and display campaign.

9. Use Ad Extension

If you are looking to improve your click through rate, then you should consider using Ad Extension, such as Site links, Callout, etc. Because all the Ad Extensions give you an opportunity to provide more information, such as hours, product specification, to your customers. And they make your make more compelling to attract customers and drive them to your site.

There is no additional cost to use extensions in an ad. You are charged only for clicks on your ads, including clicks on certain ad extensions. There are some extensions you don’t have pay for clicks, such as review extensions, social annotations, and seller rating annotation.

There are some types of extensions which are beneficial for different types of devices – desktop computers and mobile devices.

For example, Sitelinks, review extensions, callout extensions, social annotations are optimal for desktop searches, while call extensions, app extensions are optimal for mobile searches.

10. Add new keywords and pause bad keywords

Your Adwords account can not do well without optimization regularly. The keyword is one of the most important things for the success of your campaign.

Expand your keywords list by adding a new search term from Search Term Report will help you capture a wide range of keywords customers use to search for product/service.


Besides, pause bad keywords also a good action to do weekly or monthly. Before pausing the keywords, you need to investigate to find out why the keyword is not performing well. There are some reasons for this case.

Firstly, it might be because the keyword’s bid is not high enough. To solve this issue, you can take a look at the first bid and the top of page bid estimate to ensure your bids are competitive enough. Because, even you keyword is good, but low bid, it can not appear on Google search results or Google partners.

Secondly, the keyword has low search volume. If the keyword is not accruing even though you are bidding enough high to show ads on Google, the keyword may be too long-tailed or a phrase that users are not searching for. In this situation, you should consider pausing these keywords.

Finally, some keywords have many traffic with high click-to-rate, but very low conversion rate. So, these keywords will burn your budget very quickly without any or very small return on investment. You should pause these keywords also.

11. Check impression share to see your competitors

12 Tips to Run a Successful Google Adwords Campaign (P2)Google Adwords has many reports that are very helpful to your business, such as search term report, account performance report and others. However, not many people pay attention to the Impression Share report.

Impression Share is the number of impressions your ad received divided by the number it was eligible to receive. So, this report will show you how well your campaign is performing on your core keywords vs. your competitors.

For example: There are 1000 people searched for the exact match term “live chat application”. You are bidding on that keyword and got 600 impressions. So, you Impression Share would be 40%.

If your Impression Share is low, it means that you are losing impressions to your competitors. You need to keep working hard on your account to improve its performance. It’s also useful when you see your competitors are doing better than you. Try to find out it and apply to your campaign.

12. Keep an eye on your Google Adwords account

You can’t create an Adwords account with multiple campaigns and ad groups, then optimize it for the first time and ignore it after with the hope of gaining sales gradually and permanently. Your campaigns need to be managed and checked frequently to make sure it’s optimized.

In conclusion

Read aforementioned Google Adwords optimization tips and apply to your campaign and see what it changes. I’m sure it’s worthy of your business.

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