5 Signs Your Customer Support Needs to Use Live Chat

According to Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report in 2015, there are numerous differences in customer service expectations and preferences based on locations. These included most commonly used channels, which shows a growing preference for live chat in Brazil, the UK, and the US.
Live chat is more popular and used in many businesses

Live chat is more popular and used in many businesses

This is typical countries using live chat as a main customer support channel, other countries follow the same trend.

Customer service relates to the service provided to customers before, during and after a purchase. Regardless of industry, customer service always finds the way to reduce the effort customers expend in order to get their questions answered and problems solved.

Live chat is proving to be one of the best service channels for meeting customers’ need from the first contact through post-sale support.

However, many business owners are still not sure about its effectiveness. Many of them believe that traditional customers service channels are better. A phone call and email can handle all the problems of customers and no need live chat now.

There are 5 reasons below that convince you to use live chat immediately to improve your customer service, increase business’s credibility and get more sales.

  1. Your customer satisfaction is too low

Low customer satisfaction is a sign for your business to use live chat now

Low customer satisfaction is a sign for your business to use live chat now

Customer satisfaction plays an important role in the development of the business because customers are those who buy the product/service. In addition, their behavior and feedbacks can affect dramatically to the shopping journey of other people.

There are numerous reasons customers are not satisfied with your business, among these customer support can be a culprit. Taking too much time or requiring too much effort for contacting customer support makes your customers frustrated. Instead of trying to contact you, they leave you a very negative feedback on what you have done. Are you facing these problems?

  1. Your team is overloaded with hundred emails a day

There are too many emails sent to your email a day. You can not know what email need to be solved first without reading it. It can take a lot of time to answer all questions of the customers, especially when they are getting angry due to your response delay.

Your email is overloaded

Your email is overloaded

More importantly, one email can not solve all the problems. For instance, customers complain about your products but do not provide full information about what time they purchased, where they bought it and what exactly the problem is.

You have to send them another email just to ask these questions, and then waiting for the answer. Emails will be transferred 2, 3 times before a problem solved.

If the interaction was held in real-time, getting information would not take that much. By adding live chat to your website, you can resolve the problem and reduce the number of email correspondence.

  1. Your budget no longer fits your customer service expenses

The more customers contacting your team, the more people you need to handle customer interactions. However, because of some reasons, your business can not afford to hire many customer support.

A good solution here is to use live chat. Live chat can help you reduce the time and save cost.


Your budget is no longer fits your customer service expenses

The cost per interaction of live chat is lower than most alternative methods like phone or email support. Due to quick response times, customer support spends less time per interaction, thus, each interaction takes up less of the operators time, which diminishes the requirement for additional agents.

Businesses can also see huge cost diminishments after some time because of enhancements in productivity – agents taking care of different talks, utilizing pre-composed response, directing customers to web pages, and etc.

In general, the utilization of live chat can save money on implementation, ongoing flatform and service expenses, and employee task time.

  1. You do not have enough information about website customers

A standout amongst huge advantages of live chat is that you can gather and analyze data about your website traffic — and utilize this data to communicate with customers more effectively.

Customers contact you when they are on your website where they know exactly what product you are selling and other information. So, if you can collect the data from what time they visit your website, whether they bought something or not, and what they care much on your website, you can take care of them better.

Moreover, live chat can help you diminish embarrassing of customers when they first contact your business.

I find it takes away some of the perceived pressures of speaking with an attorney. When compared with email, live chat is much more effective for new business prospects. It provides instant gratification; in other words, the potential client doesn’t have to wait for a response email and takes solace knowing they are speaking with someone in real time.

Jared Staver, Staver Law Group.

  1. You want to get more sales

You may hear a lot of people talking about the benefits of using live chat. Converting more leads into sales is one of the best important advantages.

Live chat help businesses increase online sales

Live chat help businesses increase online sales

According to a poll by Andersen Consulting, almost 62 percent of Internet consumers said they would purchase more products online if live customer support were available.

With that type of increase in online sales, live chat will pay for itself many times over. Then, add to it reduced shopping cart abandonment by up to 30% and a boost in average order size and you’ve got quite a case for using live chat.

Add live chat to your website now!

As an online tool, live chat can help you increase sales and build the relationship with your customers as the main purposes. And unlike other channels such as email, live chat provides instant support, with minimal customer effort required.

So if you recognize some of these signs above in your own business, implementing live chat support as a customer service channel might be the right solution.

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