Don’t Miss Subiz’s Report!

To run any online businesses, reading report is one of the have-to-do things that reveals you the performance of website as well as transaction activities. You made the right choice to install live chat software but do you really know how live chat software works on your site?.  Today I will introduce and guide you to take advantages of the feature “Report” on Subiz’s dashboard.

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Parameters in Subiz report

In general, there are 4 parameters that you should care: Chat, Ratings, Availability and Triggers. Each parameter has own meaning that you not only see but also need understand and figure out to improve.

“Chats” provides you the quantity of normal chats and missed chats during a specific period of time you choose. Normal chats report chats happened between agents and visitors. Meanwhile, missed chats are visitor’s chat requests that you didn’t take for some reasons. Depending on each business model but usually, the more chats you gets the more chances for you to increase revenues. So try to have as many chats as you can. Also focus on normal chats and missed chat. It must be sure that no business likes missing customer’s requests. Minimize the number of missed chats. And you will see the positive changes.

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Subiz report: Chats

To get more chats, maybe you need more agents. But more is not always good. Frequently see how visitors rate your agents, it definitely means much to you. “Rating” bases on How visitors think about your agents: Neutral (Not rate), Good (Rate Good) or Bad (Rate bad). With agents “Rate Bad”, you really need make some suggestions to improve their job performances.

Manage agents: Do you know how?

You also can control your support team through “Availability” – period of time when agents are  online according to per hour in a day. Like other parameters, you can see the “availability” of each agent to manage working time effectively. Online 24/24h is perfect but if you don’t, try to online at the right time, for example, when number of visitors on your site is highest. It also means you need to spend time and resources to really know about your visitors.

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Subiz report: Availability

Finally, Subiz also report one of the best Subiz’s features “Trigger” – number of successful trigger. Once you use trigger for your site, you will see how much effectively it works. If you set auto chat invitation, the more successful triggers, the more visitors visit your websites. It also help you to find the “highest visitors” point of time. Keep track and make some changes if it don’t work as you expected.

Using trigger effectively for ecommerce websites

I’ve just introduce you simple ways to read Report on Subiz’s Dashboard. Try to spend time   investigating and improving the parameters to run online business better.

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