How Live Chat Helps Business Reduce Bounce Rate

Managing a website is not only updating the content every day, but improving its performance by optimizing of a number of variables, such as visitor numbers, conversion rate, search engine ranking and bounce rate, etc. Of which, bounce rate is one of the most important factors contributing to the conversion rate of a business website.

Visitors could land on the website, stay for a few precious seconds and bounce without visiting any more pages. High bounce rates are not always a bad thing if your site visitors are finding exactly what they need on the page, so they don’t need to search your site further. That means it is meeting your business goals.

However, high bounce rate is often an indication of the negative effect to quality of your site traffic.

1. Reasons your bounce rate is high

a. Irrelevant content

How Live Chat Helps Business Reduce Bounce Rate

Irrelevant content leads visitors to the close button on the page

Visitors could leave your site immediately after realizing that what they are looking for is totally different with what you are offering on the page. This problem is usually caused by search engine showing irrelevant results to the web users. When they click to the link on the search engine, what they are expected is the content match with their needs. Content, in this situation, is a connection between the business and visitors, which makes them to stay on the page long enough to convert a conversion.

If you want to minimize the number of unwanted traffics because of aforementioned situation, make sure you update your content to fit your offerings. Besides improving your own content, you also need to take a look carefully at your advertisements which you have been placing in your search engine.

All the headline, description and destination URL need to be specific and relevant to the products you want to sell or promote.

b. Technical issues

Among many reasons relating to the technical issues like bugs or visual glitches and others, page speed is the most common cause leading to the high bounce rate. The more you add to your site, (including images, scripts and multimedia, etc.) the longer it takes to load.

The best speed for a website is normally within two seconds. Research shows that people are going to leave if they have to wait more than 4 seconds for a page to download.

c. Distraction on the page

How Live Chat Helps Business Reduce Bounce Rate

You can lose your potential customers because of too many distraction on your page

If you direct the visitors to the site with a bombardment of information and too many choices, they could be confused about what exactly information they can find on your site. The conversion page, for instance, which usually is the end of checkout process, should only have one call-to-action.

However, if the page includes some other conversion metrics than just buying, such as newsletter signups, customers could distract and you may lose your potential customers. Simplify your design and work towards reducing distractions.

d. Website navigation

Good navigation helps easy to find information in the page

Good navigation helps easy to find information in the page

Navigation is a key component of a website which affects directly to the success of a website. It is the gateway into the different sections of content. Therefore, navigation should be easy to find and clear about its guidance to other pages of your website. If the visitors can not find they button bar to go further on your website, most likely visitors will close the window and look for other websites.

e. Lack of support

Lack of support can lead to high bounce rate

Lack of support can lead to high bounce rate

Some visitors could feel very confused about the products you offer on the website, such as price, promotion, available store, etc. but they don’t want to make a phone call, or they can not contact you through any chat application. Then, they can leave your site immediately.

The best choice in this situation is live chat. Supporting customers in a right time is better than promoting content and services without reaching the potential customers.

2. Decrease the bounce rate with Live Chat

A high bounce rate can cause missed sales opportunities, negative SEO effects and bad history memorization. If you want to reduce bounce rate, Live Chat application like Subiz is a very effective way to reach to your potential customers.

Reduce bounce rate of your website with Live Chat

Reduce bounce rate of your website with Live Chat

a. Real-time support

There is nothing valuable than something happens in a right time. Visitors coming to the website, after just few seconds, they get the support from Live Chat in real-time, by a person. That means every single question, even it is very common, will be answered instantly.

For example, some visitors want to buy an iPhone 6 but they are not sure whether it is available on your store or not, they need a support from your customer service. However, some feel very uncomfortable about communicating directly through the telephone with customer service or they have to wait for a long time to check, so Live Chat now is very effective in answering customers’ questions.

b. Personal engagement

Most of the business websites have FAQ page, visitors can go there to find the answers for some common questions. Nevertheless, some visitors still want to chat with customer service to get the updated information and ask some other questions that do not exist in the FAQ page.

Moreover, Live Chat is also considered as a welcoming message to the visitors which can make them to feel that they are supported very thoughtful.

c. Guidance

Some customers are not good at computer skills, especially who use search engine to find the appropriate website for their needs. Guiding customers to the end page is very important. Some people do not know how to add products to their cart or pay online and they need support. Live Chat with instant help of customer service is a good way to do it fast and correctly.

In conclusion

If your website has a very high bounce rate, which is higher than 34% average bounce rate of the eCommerce industry, never mind to use Live Chat now to get more potential customers and enhance your site’s trustworthy from visitors.

Try out implementing Subiz live chat in your own page and watch the results after 30 day free trial without any commitment needed.

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