No More Visitor’s Location Mistakes & New Supported Language in Subiz Chat Widget

January 29, 2015 - What Is New in Subiz?

Last week, we happily inform to Subiz fellows about: The brand-new look of Subiz’s website, the upgrade of server (Version 3.0) and more informative upcoming blog posts. Today once again, we excitingly announce 2 more great things which have just been updated. And here are these new improvements:

1, More precise location data

No more visitor’s location mistakes

Collecting a full set of each visitor’s information at the beginning of every single chat is essentials and valuable for every live chat agent. With such fundamental amount of information, each served chat can be handled faster and more efficiently. That is always the massive motivation for us to strive the best to enhance the quality of Subiz’s service ceaselessly.

It’s not much often that we received some inquiries about the accuracy of visitor’s location data. At that time, we confidently solved and satisfied every beloved customer’s worry, yet we still cared and forced ourselves to give a better, better and better service. Now it is more than happy to announce that we have just had an amazing improvement about visitor database, which has over 99.5% accuracy in country level detection and more than 95% of accuracy in city level. Although it’s not 100% of accuracy, I suppose that we can say No more visitor’s location mistakes now.

2, Subiz is in German (Deutsch) now

 Subiz is in German now

Subiz is available in German 

Subiz version 3.0 has been launched and definitely brought amazing experiences to you. Smoothly. Easy-to-use. Securely. However, en route to building Subiz today, we also received many requests to make Subiz available in other languages. Over 2 years ago, we put our whole-hearted efforts to give a remarkable live chat solution in 6 languages (English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French) used by well over 8,000 businesses daily.

With new language, comes a new opportunity, Subiz live chat solution now supports you in German. If you find it interesting and useful for your friends, don’t hesitate to spread some words about Subiz here.
I guess you’re as excited as us! If you haven’t known how to use the function which auto-detects your German visitors and serves them with German language in chat widget and trigger’s message, please access to your Dash Board -> Setting -> Chat Widget -> Language and choose “Auto Detect” or “Deutsch”. Nothing can stop you supporting your global visitors now!

We know there are still many more languages that need to be covered in order to spread our brand of customer wow to every corner of the world. In case, you spot an error with the translations, do let us know by sending an email at [email protected] so that we can get it fixed immediately!

If you feel that you can help us out, or if you simply would like to see Subiz in your language, leave us a comment and let us know! Once again, thanks for sharing your time to read through this announcement. Let’s stay tuned with our upcoming updates in the brand new 2015!

Subiz Team

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