Invite Ghosts and Ghouls to your Website on this Halloween

October 23, 2015 - What Is New in Subiz?

The Halloween Party is only a few days away! Have you got your special costume ready?

Halloween is that time of year when all the ghosts and ghouls go out to play. How do you think if this spooky soiree will be held on your website? To bring its look to perfection on this Halloween, you will need the right scary decoration. However, you may find it’s time consuming and costly to design a Halloween theme for the whole website. Don’t worry, our spooky idea can help with that.

Subiz live chat widget is ready to make your website ghoulish. By customizing a Halloween theme for chat widget together with a creepy chat bubble, all those terrors are sure to get your visitors into the right spirit.

Let see how Subiz will hold this Halloween party:

Subiz widget theme on Halloween

Subiz widget theme on Halloween

If you love this theme, follow this instruction and use our CSS sample to feature a special costume for your chat widget.

The following are some Halloween themed chat bubbles:

And here are some logo samples:

When you want to scare the pants off someone, timing is everything. So if you’re brave enough, hurry up, pick some horrify bubbles and logos before they disappear into the night!

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