Say Hello to Subiz’s New Widget

1. New Desktop Widget

Subiz default widget for desktop now has been dressed in new, friendly and modern-looking blue. The color of agent name is also changed to match with the widget color. Besides, with this updated version, your visitors are able to use their Facebook or G+ account to log in to Subiz. They can simply type in their credentials and start chatting. What’s more, there is no need to login more than once since the user will be remembered.


New desktop widget

Another notable thing is that all the configured elements will not be changed. We only change the elements that you have not customized (still as default) and add to your widget the brand new features.

2. New Mobile Widget

For mobile, our brand new widget brings you not only beautiful interface but also powerful experience.

The chat button is smaller yet attractive

The new button is now perfect for mobile devices because it does not take up too much user mobile screen. It looks gorgeous on all websites, whether they are optimized for mobile or not. When your customers need supported, they can easily find you available via the attractive button which always follows them.


Small yet attractive chat button

The widget is opened in the same tab

Clicking the chat button will open the conversation in a same tab. This makes it much simpler to browse a website and chat. And if you navigate away from the chat window, the conversation will remain active and can be easily resumed.

New mobile widget

New mobile widget

Flexible customization

You are able to customize CSS flexibly in order to align the chat button, hide the widget and change text color and font size.

That is all about our biggest change to the widget. We have a strong belief that it will help you increase customer engagements and rocket your sales ! So, do you like our new widget? Let us know in the comments section below.

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December 8, 2015 - What Is New in Subiz?