Subiz 2.0: A Big Change about Virtual Agent in Setting Trigger

March 6, 2014 - What Is New in Subiz?

It’s no secret that we’ve just launched Subiz 2.0 successfully. And we also promised you that we would bring all the best we have. Today we’d like to introduce you a big change about setting Agent who sends invitation/messages to visitors while setting trigger.

As you know, in Subiz 1.0, to set trigger, after selecting conditions, you have to choose action. And you have three options: Auto invite, Send message to Visitor, Send message to Agent. If you choose Auto Invite and Send message to Visitor, you have to fill out the blank Agent that send the message. We call it “Virtual Agent” because no matter whom agent is chatting with visitor, visitor just seen “Virtual Agent” you set up before.


Now, in Subiz 2.0, things change in a contrary way. Apart from we bring out 4 actions to choose (Auto Invite, Send message to visitor, Apply to label, Remove label), the term “Virtual Agent” is no longer used. You still choose the Agent that send auto invitation or send message to visitor. But when trigger runs, visitors are allowed to see who is really chatting with them. It also means that visitors will feel practical about the agent they have conversations.

Hope you know that all things changed is supposed to provide you a better version of Subiz. And with the improvement, we expect to help you support your visitor more effectively.

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