It’s Time You Win Loyal Fans With Live Chat Support

Brands compete to reach more prospects. More prospects mean more buyers. More buyers means more sales. But does this always lead to more profits, in the long run?

More customers require more support resources while the quality of each customer interaction may not always be guaranteed. Your service staff may compromise quality for speed, quantity and your business may lose loads of loyal customers because of this. Why so reckless?

A research by RJ Metrics indicates that top customers spend up to 30 times more than average customers over their customer lifespan. This is the “gold mine” you should dig in. Focusing on winning loyal fans never fail. Here is why.

  • It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than keeping a current one (Alan E. Webber)
  • 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers (Gartner Group)
  • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75% (Bain and Co.,)
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% (Marketing Metrics)

The question now is, why do people stay loyal to one brand, but not others? Which elements determine their loyalty? And what are the sure-fire ways for business owners to convert prospects into loyal fans?

If your customers are too unmotivated to become regular buyers, here are some tactics you should consider when interacting with them through live chat support.

1. A satisfied customer is a repeat buyer

It’s Time You Win Loyal Fans With Live Chat Support

Unhappy customers are the least likely to do business with you again.

If you want a figure, Lee Resource Inc says the percentage is 91%. Think about that. 91 out of 100 poorly-treated customers turn their backs on you and snap whenever they hear your brand name. That’s the best scenario. The worst is their hang-out circles may think bad of you too. People love to share. You know what I mean.

Negative word-of-mouth can affect many of your potential customers and you don’t need another proof for that to believe.

But Lee Resource Inc’s research also indicates that 95% of customers who complain are willing to do business with you again if their complaint is resolved instantly. I bet that’s where live chat comes in the picture. There is no other customer service channel that is as prompt and convenient as live chat. One click and customer’s queries can reach you right away.

To deliver top-notch service and satisfy customers, however, chat agents have a long way to go. Beside providing solutions, they need to know when to initiate proactive chat with customers, when to up-sell/cross-sell, which tone to use, how to be friendly and master many other chat etiquette. A satisfied customer is a repeat buyer. To make your retention rate soar, I recommend you read further materials on how to improve your live chat service.

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2. Create experience that wows with live chat support

Customers don’t just want to be satisfied. As Zig Ziglar said, “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.” If you go the extra mile to wow them more than their expectations, you are tying the knot with them forever.

Think of what customers expect when landing on your site. Are they looking for a certain product or having no idea at all? Are they asking for a coupon code or in need of technical support? Are they the serious or “just looking” type of customer? Whatever your visitors are expecting, make sure what you serve is “above and beyond” that.

In live chat support, you can exceed customer expectations by making your service available 24/7. People would be thrilled.

Imagine this. A girl is in desperate need for a gorgeous-but-not-too-showy dress for her first date tomorrow morning, which is a bit tough demand. She’s browsing your store at 2am and gets stuck among a sea of styles, prices and colors. She has almost lost every hope, expecting no one would be up this late to guide her through.

But your chat agent is still there, as if on cue, popping up on the girl’s screen and offers their help. Several minutes later, the girl gets exactly what she is looking for. A gorgeous dress that promises a smooth date. Not just the chat agent, but your store becomes her saviour. The experience would stay with her forever and you have just won a loyal fan.

3. Surprise and delight your customers

Surprise and delight your customers
Fostering loyal fans is all about creating good experience. If you have achieved customer satisfaction and exceeded their expectations but still want to “tie the knot” more tightly, you can try to delight your top customers. The best way is to give them surprise. It can be a small gift, honor badge, handwritten thank-you letter or any privilege you can think of.

Here is something you can do with the help of live chat. Go to your visitor’s history, filter out all customers that meet a certain condition (e.g., number of purchases) then set up a trigger.

So, when those qualified customers land on your site, a chat greeting appears on their screen, telling them they have a thank-you letter to read and some coupon code or exclusive offer to claim. All is automatic and your customers would be wowed like, “how can they do it !?”

Another thing to remember is, every loyal customer is a random visitor at first.
Don’t just wow your top customers only. Any single customer/visitor should be appreciated and treated like a VIP.

4. Outdo your competitors

 Outdo your competitors
Your loyal customers may leave you one day. That sounds scary but it’s not some intimidating joke. If other brands have many excellent competitive edges over you, you lose, very likely.

Live chat support is not something you “set it and forget it”. It’s imperative that you watch your business rivals’ tactics as well. How are they employing their live help system? Which awesome features they are offering their customers that you lack of? How are their chat representatives securing deals? Try to be their online customers once and you may get an overview of it.

Take this example. Your competitor detects and stores customers’ information after every chat session, which you don’t. Next time a customer come back to their store and ask for an order, their customer rep can help him/her fill in the order form without asking for their information again. No need for typing hassle, all customers need is to confirm.

Meanwhile, the purchasing process on your store is much more tedious. Customers tell your chat agent they want to place an order. The staff tells them to open another tab, go to another page, wait through the tiring sign-in process before they can finally sit down and fill in a bunch of information they think they have already told you before.

Think about that scenario. Your old, loyal customers may hate you. And chances are, you simply can’t win them back.

You have other tactics to win loyal customers with live chat support? Just comment and share with us.

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