Who Else Wants to Target the Right Customers with Live Chat?

When resources are slim and budget is tight, how you deploy your live chat support is deadly crucial. The number of concurrent chats an agent can handle is limited and you can’t expect your finite support staff to attend to each and every one of your visitors. The same case goes for any e-store with extremely high traffic volumes.

Since mass support is impossible, you need to decide which customer should get live help. It could be those who need help the most (e.g., those with checkout issues) or those who have the highest value to you (e.g., royal customers). Also, you need to determine on where to show your chat widget. Shout it be on the product pages, homepage or checkout page?

Targeting the right customers makes your effort more effective and increases your revenue per sales. Are you doing it right? Here are 4 scenarios where you can employ targeted chat to reach out to the most valuable customers.

1. Targeted chat for top customers chess-637745_640

Do you know that top customers spend up to 30 times more than average customers during their customer lifespan? And that 80% of your company’s revenue tend to come from just 20% of your customers? This means targeting your royal buyers can never fail. But how are you going to define which one is royal?

A VIP customer is the one who brings you higher value. They can be located based on their cart value or repetitive buying behaviors. Since live chat allows you to monitor a visitor’s information and real-time activities on site, you can know right away if they are a royal fan or not. And the rest is simple. Just show them the chat widget and offer help.

Every top customer is a random visitor at first. Therefore, don’t forget to mark and label your first-time visitors so that next time they come back, you can easily pinpoint their loyal level and deliver proper services.

2. Targeted chat for potential customers

Who Else Wants to Target the Right Customers with Live Chat?Returning customers (royal or not) are the most potential ones. Their chance of buying is 60-70% compared to 5-20% of a new prospect. Targeted chat for those consumers will only help you yield higher revenue.

Meanwhile, potential customers can also be customers of a certain demographic. When you are running a marketing campaign, you aim at a targeted audience regarding age, sex, income, location and other criteria. Use those criteria to determine who you are going to offer live help on your site and your campaign results will be more rewarding.

To have a good bonding time and meaningful chatting with your targeted visitors, remember to tell them how special and important they are to your business. And don’t just show them an impassive chat widget. Try to reach out to them proactively with a compelling chat invitation and your conversion rate would soar.

3. Targeted chat for critical buying phases

Who Else Wants to Target the Right Customers with Live Chat?Live support during important stages of the buying process is crucial if you don’t want to lose any potential sales. For example, when customers browse through your product lists and can’t seem to find what they are looking for, a chat agent should be available to offer help straight away. Or else, they would come to your competitors in just a click.

Checkout is also a critical phase that customers need live help the most. Imagine your potential buyer is having trouble with the payment method and there is no chat agent around to guide them through. They would abandon their cart and you can’t close the deal. Cart abandonment happens all the time so make sure you provide instant support during this stage.

Whatever phase you use live chat for, make your chat window prominent and encouraging so that customers can know where to ask for help immediately.

4. Targeted chat on certain pages

Who Else Wants to Target the Right Customers with Live Chat?It may depend on your business, but there are some certain pages on your website that seem to need a chat widget more than others. For instance, showing live help on a high bounce rate page is truly helpful. It helps to increase engagement and lower the number of clicks away.

Product page is another place that a chat agent should be visible since it’s where you convert visitors into buyers. Online shoppers tend to be more confident with their purchasing if they know there is a human by their side anytime to support them with the product.

Having a chat widget pop up on these pages is good but not brilliant enough. You can take it up notch and engage with your visitors in a more proactive manner by using proactive chat. This way, you can initiate the talk with your customers and tie the knot with them before they have the chance to bounce off.

Bottom line

Mass engagement aims at no one in particular while targeted engagement brings you to the customers with the most genuine interest in your product. Mass engagement is costly and less effective while targeted engagement takes your finite resources and thin budget into account and produces more rewarding results. Targeted chat, therefore, will no doubt be a big help for your target marketing effort.

How are you delivering targeted support to your customers? Do you have other take on targeting the right customers with live chat? Leave a comment and try Subiz for free today to experience the benefits of having a live chat solution for your online business.

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